2020 Husqvarna TE 300i

The Husky 300 is a well balanced machine with a critical mid power range that is maneuverable in any terrain its linear power creates and promotes good posture, making it easier to handle and give you a pro like feel when riding it

- Jared Wilson

The KTM 300 is one all around down to kick it bike. needs nothing other than the desire to explore! Requires nothing from you but your passion, Relax and ride or hammer down, comfort is its thing and climbing is its game! very user friendly and a blast to ride.

-Jared Wilson

The XCW150 is nothing to bock at there isnt a bike out there that can move this fluently, it feels like a down hill bike with a motor and allows you to practice things you never thought you could! The 150 motor is outstanding, lugs through the slow climbs more than expected and will provide when you demand it! 

-Jared Wilson